On the Button

If it hadn’t been for the latest Covid surge, I’d be in Texarkana right now, setting up my table for ArkLaTex Comicon. And while I am glad that the event was canceled, and that I don’t have to make that judgement call myself, I still miss being around all the friendly people in costume, wandering the tables and chatting.

Of course, I miss selling my books, but my favorite memories aren’t selling a bundle of books. It’s the little things.

Recently at a convention, a girl (don’t ask me ages, they’re all little girls at my age) gave me a button. She had a bag of them. I’m not sure what her idea was, but I accepted it gratefully and thanked her.

This button has been sitting in my pocket for weeks now and I intend to keep it handy. I doubt it was her intent, but having this button is very useful to me, and not just in case of wardrobe malfunctions.

Since I got cataract surgery a while back, my distance vision is great and I only need glasses for cellphone to computer monitor distance. Sometimes, I’m out and about and forgot that I left my reading glasses behind. Well, you know, looking through the holes in that button focuses the light just like a pinhole camera. It’s a handy backup for when I need to see just a little bit more clearly.

You never can tell when a little, inconsequential gift will turn out to be just what you need.

If I meet you again, Button Girl, remind me.