Just Released a New Anthology

I’ve just finished putting together a new anthology of time travel stories: What Do You Mean… Time Travel? While talking to people at conventions (it seems ages ago) I was struck by how often people had very limited ideas of what time travel was. Perhaps it was Doctor Who, or some movie they’d seen. I was sometime frustrated to realize that people didn’t get all the vast variations of time travel stories that were possible.

So I collected all the stories I’d written and added some explanation with each one about what the rules of that particular story was, just to show off the variations.

Putting it together, I realized I really wanted to include the time travel variants I’d used in The Copper Room and Golden Girl, but you can’t really include a couple of novels in a short story anthology, and I really didn’t like the idea of just including a sample chapter or two. So, I wrote a side story, an independent short story in the same universe as the novel.

For Golden Girl, I wrote The Protectors, the impending disaster of the collapsing timeline from the future which was about to be extinguished when she saved the world from the asteroid.

For The Copper Room, I wrote Just an Instant of Time, a short about the families left behind when Jerry and Lil head off into the future.

So, if you’re in the mood for some time travel stories, It’s available now on Kindle. If there’s demand, maybe I’ll do a paper version.

What Do You Mean… Time Travel?