Living in Each Other’s Pocket

It’s been six or seven weeks now that Mary Ann and I have been in lockdown. It’s not half bad. I did have an adjustment to make, since this is the time of year when I’m usually gone to a convention several times a month.  But, when I’m not in bookseller mode, I’m naturally a hermit.  I expect it’s harder for Mary Ann, since she’s very much a people-person, gaining strength from her interactions with people.

Luckily, we get along well together.  In fact, our fiftieth wedding anniversary is not too far in the future.  We had been toying with the idea of a party, or maybe taking a cruise.  Things will have to improve quite a but for that to happen.

Strangely, this unique in my lifetime event doesn’t even feel all that odd.  You see, we’ve been confined together many times in our lifetime.  We are travelers.  We’ve been on a cruise, been to Africa, been to Europe, and have hit the road in our RV for months at a time.

Today, we were out in the Jeep, touring the West Pasture, only an acre or so, but it was so much like other trips when we’d visit wild life refuges or national park, touring the place at slow speed so Mary Ann could hop out and take pictures of birds or vegetation or whatever is her current fascination.  I admit, while I like piggy-backing on her enthusiasm, my interests are less citizen science.  She identified plants and bugs. I picked dewberries to eat.

It’s a nice way to experience life, living in each other’s pocket. I’ve noticed after many trips that living in interesting times, seeing interesting places, is like having your lifetime extended.  I’d come back from a two week trip and it felt like I’d been gone for months.  

It’s the same now.  I’m sure many people are feeling it.  I’ve seen comments, “Is it really still 2020?”  But rather than feeling trapped, this is extra life.  Every day is new. 

And I think I quite like living with Mary Ann.