Nobody at Apple is Colorblind

I have come to the conclusion that nobody who makes Apple software is colorblind.  The image above is the little chart in iTunes that tells what I have loaded on my iPad at the moment.  Now, I suppose that most people can instantly see what how much audio and video I have loaded, but I can’t.  The bluish stuff on the left is all one color, unless I look really closely.  Maybe the books section is just too small to see, but I certainly can’t detect it anywhere.

I went to the Vischeck website and ran their on-line converter with the Deuteranope settings which seems to match my kind of colorblindness and created this version:

which looks very nearly identical to what I see above, but supposedly is designed to show normal people what us deuteranope’s see.  I’ll have to take their word on that.

In the past, working as a beta-tester for the nice people at The Omni Group, I ran across a similar problem where their red checkmarks and their green checkmarks looked the same to me.  They kindly changed the colors so it was light green and dark red (or the other way around, I don’t really remember) and the problem was solved. Many of these problems for colorblind people can be easily fixed, often with a quick visit to the Vischeck website and a minor tweak of the colors.  I guess I need to find Apple’s suggestion line.

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  1. That seems an unusual oversight for Apple, a company known for its user interfaces. They should at least put a numeric percentage under the categories.

    Though at 0.0012% of your iPad's maximum memory, that books category isn't significant no matter how you look at it. The color bar is fuchsia and totally invisible at that scale.

    – Ted

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