Packing My Jeep Box

I’m in the habit of carrying a box in my car that contains a collection of my books.  From time to time, an unplanned conversation will lead to the question, “Where can I buy your book?”  Having a portable bookstore at hand has led to a few sales from time to time.

When the shipment of Pixie Dust arrived a couple of days ago, that meant I had to repack the box, to take out a few other books to add the new ones.  I can keep this up for a while, until I have more than 20-some titles out, and then I’ll come up with another solution.

I was happy to find these boxes as Office Depot.  The brand name is “Really Useful Box” and the 17L size works quite nicely with my 6×9 trade paperbacks.  The interior is rectangular, rather than the sloped sides of many other tubs, so I can pack the books in straight.  There’s a little space that is normally unused, but for those tubs I put out in the cars, I include “Keep It Dry” packets of desiccant.  The box seals fairly tightly, so the interior stays dry even in the rainy season.  I also use these boxes in my office and carry them to the convention tables.  Mary Ann is starting to use the same kind of box in different sizes for her artwork when she has a display tent.

So, if we meet on the street, ask me if I have a book for you.  I probably will.