Reviewing the Reviewers

Today, I’ve been hours in the chair, clicking through book review blogs.  It’s interesting.  I found a huge list of book blogs and my goal is to get some of my books into the right hands.  My perpetual problem is finding the right reviewers.

I would say that the bulk of these blogs, while worthy and serving their readers well, just don’t match up with my books.  If after scrolling through a half dozen reviews and seeing that they all have the classic Harlequin embrace on their covers, I’m likely to just move on to the next blog.  I’m not likely to run out of links.

The rise of the book blog is a wonderful thing, and I’ve even been guilty of an occasional review myself.  Since my chances of scoring a review in a major magazine or newspaper are very slight, my only chance of reaching potential readers is through word of mouth, or in todays world, a blog review.

I’ve tried to make it easy.  Here is the form..  Fill it out and I get notified that a reviewer would like a copy.  However, as with everything else, no one is going to discover that form on their own.  And that’s why today I’m sending emails.

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