Before the Dealer Room Opens

A friend of mine, Scott Cupp, has been attending science fiction conventions for…a long time, and I’ve always found him in the dealer room, selling his books and looking for bargains at the other tables. Well, I’m starting to discover the joys of being behind the table myself.

Yes, I enjoy selling my books, giving autographs and all that, but it’s also really fun watching the other vendors set up their wares. Some of them are real professionals, with custom shelves and displays. After a certain number of showings, wisdom comes in the forms of the right tools and the right containers and the right hand trolleys for getting their storefront set up and stable, all for just a weekend event.
The problem is that each room is different. Will this wall hold my banner with painter’s tape? Will the tables the con provides form a flat enough surface that my displays will be stable. Is there electricity in range? Will I need my own lighting to show off my books?
This is only my second dealer room table. The third I’ve bought. My first attempt had to be turned over to my daughter and her husband to run when I had to make a run to Memphis for the Darrell Awards. Being here, sitting in the seat for hours at a time is a very comfortable alternative to walking the aisles and jostling elbows with the crowds. As Scott Cupp said, “People know where to find me and there’s a place to sit.”
I’ll be doing it again.

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  1. Amazingly, I heard you had a table at the show and, lo, you were there! It was good to see and talk with both you and MaryAnne this weekend. Hope to see you again soon.

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