Podcasting: Bumps in the Road

I’m glad I got ahead of my posting schedule and have a number of chapters of Falling Bakward ready to go, because yesterday I came down with a cold and sore throat and I don’t feel like reading anything out loud.  I was working out in the RV yesterday and it was cold.  While I’ve got a powerful heater out there, it is also much to noisy to run while recording, so the day was swinging hot to cold and back again as I worked through a number of episodes.

In addition, the new iLife software came in and I blindly loaded it up.  While the new Garageband looks and works just like the one before (it looks a little different, as you can see) the changes to iWeb were enough so that my entire site needed to be reposted to the hosting server.  I suppose they changed all their javascript and CSS libraries under the hood, because the pages still look the same.  
The combination of a marathon posting session over my erratic network, plus changes to my photos because of iPhoto changes, meant I was fussing with the tools more than I was concentrating on the content.  
It has occurred to me that this podcast is taking a lot more time than I thought it would. Reading the novel aloud just for finding errors shouldn’t take nearly as long as this process of reading one chapter, fussing with the podcast format and posting it to the web, and then repeat.  At least the important task of finding awkward phrases is still being accomplished.  But I fear the combined delays will push my publication date out a week or so.
I also have one other worry.  I didn’t give any real thought as to how long I’ll leave the novel up as podcast chapters.  It is a pre-publication version after all, and I’m hardly a professional voice actor.  Maybe I should just leave it up for a month or so after publication, I don’t know.  Any feedback would be appreciated.