Preparing for Africa, Part 1

While I’m in Walden Colorado (the Moose Watching Capital of Colorado), I’m also doing some preparation for our September trip. We’re heading for Africa, a one-month trip into the southern countries. While the itinerary isn’t nailed down just yet, it looks like we’ll be flying into Capetown South Africa, and seeing Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana.

While Mary Ann will be trying hard to fit all her camera gear (plus a few clothes) into the 20 KG baggage allowance mandated by some of the short-hop airlines, we did need an excuse to take Africa off the ‘Someday’ list and label it ‘Now’. That excuse is the presence of our friends the Gregersons, who are doing mission work in Zambia. So, one of the weeks, we’ll be there with them, trying to help a little. I’ll probably be teaching Creative Writing at the college, and doing some library work. Luckily the official language is English. The other three weeks, of course, will be to photo spots.

So, our passports have been sent off to be renewed, safaris are being booked, and we’ve had the first round of inoculations against some truly nasty sounding diseases. More articles to come as we get closer.


  1. I am sure you will have fun and shot some nice pictures to share please.

  2. I’ll try, but you can count on photos from my wife. Check out her blog as well.

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