Audio Science Fiction

One staple of any good science fiction con is the dealer room. I’m sure they could call it something else, but the vaguely druggie name is actually approrpriate for all the addictive things you can discover there and absolutely must buy. Last night I picked up a book and devoured the first fifty pages during supper.
This morning I discovered Allen Kaster and his table of audio books.
We talked for a while as I asked all about his business. His is one of those typical American stories. He traveled and couldn’t get enough good science fiction audio books for his own use, so he started the business of publishing stories on cassette and now on CD’s. He does a mail order business from his website AudioText & Infinivox while maintaining a real life as a Chemistry teacher.

It was fascinating to listen to his story, and of course I was full of un-needed advice on where to advertise. Honestly, I haven’t bought any audiobooks, except for those I found as podcasts on iTunes, but having experienced that, I may just bite the bullet.

Hmm. His website takes PayPal.

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  1. That is cool. It is a lot of fun to start your own business if you can actually sell something.

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