Con Events

– Saturday
– The drive into town wasn’t bad, but I fear what it will be like on a workday. At least now we know which exit to take.
– Parking was a bit ambiguous. The parking lot had two signs — Event Parking, and No parking (you will be towed). We’ll see.
– Registration was complicated by the fact that they’d messed up my name — Somehow I was Harry Menton. But, they had Mary Ann’s name correct, and all the other places where my name was listed, like the program book and the panel descriptions had it correctly.
– And, of course, once I admitted in my blog that I liked the little ‘participant’ ribbons that are always on the name badges, this con follows different rules and there’s nothing to distinguish between different classes of membership. It’ll take a little more attention this time to find out who is an artist, or a dealer, or a member of the programming staff.
– Update: The ribbons arrived! The story: They were flying in from Boston and the plane was late. Hooray! RIBBONS! Of course that doesn’t stop me from buying a roll of scotch tape and taping my business card to my badge. The card has my big blue button on it. Just like on my web pages.
– The Technology of Writing panel went very well. Everyone had something to say — interesting stories, and a good time was had by all.
– I’ve made my first pass through the art room, looking for someone who could do cover art for Emperor Dad. It doesn’t look too favorable. This is a fantasy oriented con, to some extent, and the artwork tends to reflect that. Lots of fairies and cat pictures. In fact the best images, for my purposes, were actually drawings done of TV show actors. Still, there are several more days to go, and not everyone is here yet.