Expensive Rock

We’re back from the car trip to San Francisco. Debra has dropped back into study mode as she dives into her new class. Yesterday I picked up the Jeep from the dealer. If I’d dodged that rock back in Death Valley, I’d be $1500 richer. But, at least now we have our own car. Debra was nice enough to ferry us around, but having mobility on your own is nice.

I had intended to get a new soft top for the Jeep, while it was at the dealer, but the price quote for a factory replacement seemed too expensive. It would have doubled the bill, while the catalog prices for a Bestop third party replacement was under $500. Now if I can just find a place to do the replacement while I wait here in the LA area. Otherwise, I’ll just have to live with the worn out one until we return to Hutto.

The RV campsite has a two week limit for this particular parking space, so unless we upgrade to a more expensive spot, we will be moving on in another day. The only things that are keeping us here are Mary Ann’s photo flash repair, a bundle of mail forwarded from Hutto, and a perfect sunset photo shoot for Mary Ann.

By the way, I’ve sold another story to ANALOG. It’s called ‘Wildlife’ and it’s about a nature photographer on the moon.

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