Con Ideas

Every science fiction convention I attend has numerous events, generally one hour in length, with several simultaneous tracks of events. This time, I appear to be stuck in the YA track. Writing YA, Tolkein and YA, Reading Harry Potter, etc. That isn’t all I’m doing but it’s well represented. If I wanted to be elsewhere,… Continue reading Con Ideas

Armadillocon 20 Notes – August 28, 1998

Real Date: August 28-30, 1998 — Omni Southpark Hotel (formerly the Wyndham), Austin, TX Here are the notes for the panels I attended at Armadillocon 20. I won’t even try to give you a play-by-play of all the people I met and all the things I learned. However I did take notes at the panels,… Continue reading Armadillocon 20 Notes – August 28, 1998