Texas Highways

Mary Ann Melton, my wife, is a nature photographer. She does other things as well, but her heart is in nature shots. Lately, she’d been hunting about, seeking markets for her work. It’s a shotgun approach, as it is with my writing. Send a large variety of material out into the marketplace and hope something… Continue reading Texas Highways

Nature Loves Me

At least the lizards do. Our house has nice wide porches, which make for perfect habitat for wasps. When we got back in town, there were about ten nests in the rear and three in the front. These were nice big wasp nests, with a dozen or more wasps in place at any one time.… Continue reading Nature Loves Me

Whale Watching in the Channel Islands

On Saturday, we took a 65 foot tour catamaran out of Ventura Harbor, with the original intent of seeing Blue Whales. Mary Ann had taken the trip two years earlier and had seen several, but this was early in the Blue Whale season, and we’ve learned from experience that wild animals don’t really work on… Continue reading Whale Watching in the Channel Islands