Free U’tanse

Free U'tanse On the poisonous world of Ko, the U’tanse, a breed of psychically gifted humans struggle to find their destiny under the brutal control of their Cerik overlords. Life or death was at the whim of their masters’ claws.

Joshua was the first freeborn U’tanse, born to Cyclops, a blinded worker, and Debbie, a Festival girl, at a hidden refuge composed of slaves discarded to die by their masters. Joshua’s first assignment as part of the group’s network of free telepathic spies was to monitor Samson, a U’tanse warrior bred to be a giant, strong enough to fight alongside the predatory Cerik, and deeply loyal to his master, Elehadi, the most powerful of the ruling Cerik Names. But when Elehadi decided to eliminate a whole colony of the U’tanse, Joshua discovered his job had become a lot more hazardous than just monitoring the giant’s thoughts from their secret refuge.

This branch of the Project Saga reveals the struggles of a splinter of humanity, making their way on a world that could never be their own.