Shared Desktop and Documents on macOS Sierra

One of the featured items of macOS Sierra is the ability to share your desktop and Documents folders via iCloud.  It’s great for me, because I have two macs and several iOS devices, old and new iPhones and an iPad.  So everything that’s contained in those two places are available anywhere.

But not immediately.  At least not at first.

You see, I have about 20GB in my Documents folder, including saved documents since back to 1990.  ALL of that has to shipped up the iCloud servers before all of my devices can get access to it.  My DSL wires must be running warm lately.

Now, I could move some of this stuff out of Documents first, and I did for a couple of very dynamic items that didn’t need to be shared across machines.  But I sort of like the idea of being able, on a whim, on the road, to dig down into my 2002 archives to find a shell-script that I wrote long ago and has some features I might want to look at again.

So, I’m spending a few days with my DSL upload maxed out until it’s all there.

After that, I might just want to move a few more things to my Documents folder—like every story I’ve ever written.