Year: 2015

Preparing for Event Season

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had a table at a book event and one is coming up before too long.  Although I’ve been selling books from my website during this slow time, I do make most of

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What’s Up Next

Today, I’m working on two very different books.  I can’t show you the covers yet, but I will soon. The next novel up is Free U’tanse and follows the events of Tales of the U’tanse which came out December 2012.  The

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My Favorite Book: Henry’s Stories Anthologies

This is really two books, Volumes 1 and 2, but I’d be saying the same thing twice, so I won’t waste your time.  Over the past decades, I’ve written many shorter pieces of fiction. Several have appeared in magazines and

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My Favorite Book: Captain’s Memories

This part of the saga is something like an anthology of shorter works.  I’ve heard this structure called a ‘fix-up’ novel, where short fiction is blended into a novel-length story. I’ve been calling it ‘comb anthology’ where short stories are

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My Favorite Book: In the Time of Green Blimps

Back in Star Time, I planted a few seeds that meant little or nothing to that story, but provided the framework for this one. In one, the Australian scientist that was interested in genetic engineering, after a hundred years, has

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My Favorite Book: Tales of the U’tanse

It was plain from the very beginning in Star Time that this saga I was writing had two branches, and it wouldn’t work to combine them in one novel.  No matter that this was hardly the traditional way to write

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My Favorite Book: Kingdom of the Hill Country

As I was writing Star Time, I introduced a couple of young kids, with just a hint as to their future. (Hint was given by a prophet, so it was pretty reliable.) Kingdom of the Hill Country was my first

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My Favorite Book: Star Time

As a college student, I wrote a novel in long-hand, in three-ring binders.  There was a genius inventor who fought an aerial battle with aliens using his high-tech car to rescue the girl.  This was even before I could type,

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My Favorite Book: Beneath The Amarillo Plains

When it comes to blending my personal history into my fiction, I brought out a few extras this time.  I grew up in Amarillo Texas, from first grade through two years at Amarillo College.  When I finally gave in the

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My Favorite Book: Breaking Anchor

It would make my life easier if I just wrote one kind of novel — some easily classifiable category.  Many of mine fit my Small Towns, Big Ideas label, but some do not.  This is one. Chicago isn’t a small

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