WireRimBook.com Site is Merged Here

Just back from SciFest in San Antonio.  One of the people who looked at my wirerimbooks.com website reported a password was required.  Since I’d never set it up that way, I checked on it as soon as I could.  Bad news.  Someone had hacked the site and put a password harvester form in it’s place.  It’s encrypted and I doubt I’ll ever be able to find out who did it, but starting in March, someone has been trying to trick people into entering their account and password.  Hopefully, no one did.  For now, I have re-routed all wirerimbook.com requests to henrymelton.com until I can replace the site.  If you had encountered that password form and entered anything into it, expect the worst and change whatever you used.  I’m very glad to find out about this, so I can take remedial action.  I’m grumpy it happened at all.  I’m fearful that the hack that allowed it to happen in the first place is still active.  Investigation is in order.

— Henry