Making Sell Sheets for My Books

I was updating my sell sheets, in preparation for some more face time with book store people, when it occurred to me that maybe I hadn’t mentioned sell sheets in this blog.  A quick search came up empty, so Sell Sheets are today’s topic.

What’s a sell sheet?  As a book consumer, it probably doesn’t make much difference to you, but for a bookstore person, it’s a useful, one-stop info sheet for a book.  Here’s a quick look at one of mine. Click to expand.

Now, this format is one of a thousand possible ways to do it, but the basics are there, one sheet per book.  The cover, the book blurb, something about the author, and that right hand column should have contact info, the ISBN number of the book and enough information so that the bookstore can order more.  Print out several.  I’ve had salesmen eager to get them so that they can have something to promote the books.  If you make it easy enough, so all they have to do is thumbtack the sheet to the shelf, you can sometimes get prime attention for your book.

I also fold them in half and insert them into any books I send out for review to magazines and bloggers.  It saves them having to make notes, and since the back is blank, they can use it as a place for their own notes and ideas.

The whole idea is to make it easy for people to sell your book, and it’s easy enough to do.  I’ve got an accordion folder with a pocket for each book, with enough space left over for a printed bio sheet and a one-sheet catalog of all my books.  I use it frequently.  It’s about time I bought another.  That one is wearing out.