The new iPad’s Name

Now, I know I’m not a tech blogger, but I was following the blogs covering the recent event where Apple revealed the newest version of the iPad.  What I found interesting was the reactions of the reporters.  They were panicking because Apple wasn’t giving the device a new name, like iPad 3, or iPad HD.  If they are still on-line take a look at this one. They were actually ignoring the reporting task, frantic for a new label.

And today, as more reporting comes out about the device in all the tech and Mac-centric sites, the name is being debated, almost more than the new features of the device.

It occurred to me that what I was seeing was an observer effect.  Those reporters had copy to write, deadlines to meet.  They were probably writing their articles even as they added their comments to the live blog.  I’d bet some of them even had the article all pre-written, ready to add or delete a paragraph or so before posting.  And they were stuck on the name.  If they posted their as-it-happens article and Apple later on called it the ‘iPad Super’ or something, they would have to go back and correct everything.  And considering just how many typo’s show up every day in the articles, even in the titles of the articles, I know they just hate to go back to fix anything.

The lack of a new name threw the reporters for a loop, and some of them haven’t quite gotten over it yet.

The customers?  I doubt many will care.  The new iPad is what they would have called it no matter what the official name.  “I want a new iPad.”  That’s how we’ll say it.  At least that’s how I say it.