My Lion Report

So, I’m in my second day of OSX 10.7 and it’s getting better.  I expected to like 10.7 AKA Lion.  I’m always an early adopter of these things.  I took the precaution of making a separate 10.6 partition so that I could still use some of the obsoleted software, but I haven’t had to use it yet.  I also installed the free Scroll Reverser tool that let me get used to the new standard scroll direction on my trackpad.  That took a little over a day before I forgot about it.  One scroll direction is as good as another and if it’s the same direction my iPad uses, then all the better.

At first, I started using full screen mode for apps whole-heartedly, but I’ve had to back off on the Safari version.  Whole screen mode there hides my bookmark bar unless you go bump the cursor up against the top of the screen to make it unhide itself, and that just makes every trip to the bookmarks about three times harder.  Instead I moved Safari to it’s own screen manually and just sized it as large as it would go.  I get most of the benefits of full-screen without the side-effects.

There’s definitely a learning curve with Mission Control, which took over the grid of Spaces that I used to use, but it’s getting comfortable.  I did have about six hours or so of feeling like Lion was a mistake, but that’s going away.  Just a GUI learning curve thing and I’ve been through that too many times to count.

Thus far, I would recommend users to switch to Lion, but expect to bull through the period of strangeness, knowing it’ll get better very soon.