Emperor Dad Ebooks are Now On Sale

This is an experiment for me.  Way back before I had any idea what price to set my ebooks at, I chose $4.99 as a reasonable value.  Royalties from that price had returned about the same per sale as a paper copy sold off Amazon.
But things have changed since then, and I haven’t kept up with the shifting marketplace.  One reason was my reluctance to tinker with the ‘product’ once it was already on the shelf, so to speak.  But the combination of having Emperor Dad serialized on my Henry’s Stories e-magazine for free and stories I’ve heard of vastly increased volume when books are dropped in price, I’m trying this experiment.
Starting today, as soon as the various marketplaces update their databases, Emperor Dad will be available for 99-cents.  Depending on the results, I might adjust the prices on the other novels as well.  Perhaps a sliding scale based on age perhaps?  I don’t know.  This is an experiment.
So if you have a Kindle or a Nook or what-not.  Check your favorite ebookstore and see if you can pick up a copy for next to nothing.