The Big Project Book

Coming up as my Fall book is the first novel of a large continuing storyline.  I’ll probably be putting out one book a year in this saga, in with my other titles.  If you’ve been reading my stories since the beginning in Analog and various anthologies, you might have noticed that many of my short fiction stories took place in a common history, where humanity does not expand beyond our solar system, but instead begins a massive project to move planets and terraform any available real estate into places for humanity to live.  In with these short stories are a number of novels, some written, some just outlined, that will now begin to see print.

So as an independent writer/publisher, I’ve got to come up with a logo and brand for these stories–and I need it soon.  You’re already familiar with my other two:

Home Planet Adventures for my general science fiction.

Small Towns, Big Ideas for my Young Adult science fiction stories.

But now I need another one, covering the whole Terraforming Project Saga.  In between my other tasks, I’m tinkering with Photoshop ideas and trying out a few things.  Unfortunately, I realized I may need to re-read everything I’ve already written, just to get a few details right.

So today, I put together an e-book, just for me.  It contains all the short stories, plus several unpublished novels, all in story chronology.  If it were a paper book, it’d weigh in at over 1100 pages, but I’m creating an epub just for my reference.  It takes InDesign quite a while to do the export.  Understand that it is not publishable as is.  Some stories will need to be rewritten before they see the light of day, but for a saga where I’m moving planets and rebuilding the solar system, a one-stop handy reference is going to be indispensable.