I’ll be at Archon 34 in St. Louis

October 1-2-3, I’ll be in St. Louis for Archon 34.  It’ll be on the Missouri side of the river this time, so if you plan to attend make sure you check their website for more details.

My schedule showed up this morning, and I rummaged through the events to see what they planned for me.  Here is a summary:


Can I take It In The Tub? 
E-readers versus paper? 
Cheryl Medley, Nancy Nutt, 
Henry Melton, Tony Mast 
Basel 5:00 PM 

I guess I’ll be taking my iPad and iPhone to that one–as well as a stack of books. I’m really working both sides of the fence on this one.

Just a chance to sit down for an hour and talk. 
Limited to 8 attendees per guest table. 
M. R. Sellars, Henry Melton, 
Carolyn Ives Gilman, 
Haley Elizabeth Garwood 
Bern 6:10 PM 

I would guess this will be the best chance to really connect with a small group of people…and that’s what I like to do best.  If you’re coming to Archon and this appeals to you, make sure you sign up as quickly as possible.


Twitter, Facebook, New Media and Marketing 
Creative places for creative people to promote their visions 
Cullen Bunn, Den Dotson, 
Henry Melton, Cheryl Medley 
Basel 3:50 PM 

Like … today I’ll be tweeting and blogging and posting to Facebook about the panel on tweeting and blogging and posting to Facebook.

Autograph Session 
Henry Melton, H. G. Stratmann, Deborah Millitello 
Versailles Hall 5:00 PM 

This is another chance to come and chat.  I’ll have all my cool colored pens in case you have something to be signed.


Podcasting 101 
Is this a fad or cutting edge for getting your intellectual properties noticed? 
Ryu Cope, Henry Melton, Tony Mast 
Lugano 1:30 PM 

You have listened to my podcast version of Falling Bakward haven’t you?  The whole novel in chapter sized sound files.  Find it on iTunes.  Search for “Henry Melton” or “Falling Bakward”.

And I’ll of course be wandering the halls and rummaging through the dealers room.  If you see someone who looks like Santa in a Hawaiian shirt, that could be me.