Reviewing on Amazon

When I read my twitter stream, of necessity, I skip along from tweet to tweet like dashing across a creek bed on unstable rocks.  Sometimes, I’m well past a message before the meaning sinks in, and today that was the case.  Someone said that we needed to put Amazon reviews up for our friends and favorite authors.  When I read that, I mentally nodded and went on, but then later I realized that I was falling behind in the process myself.  I have written a couple of book reviews here on this blog over time, but it’s unlikely that my favorable review here would make as significant a difference as a high-star review over on Amazon.  That’s where the readers are.  That’s the point where they’re making their purchasing decisions.

So, this morning, I typed in Book Review: on my blog and located previous reviews and with a simple copy and paste, added them to the Amazon site.  I ought to do that on the other book selling sites as well, like the Apple iBookstore, and B&N, and the bookish friends sites like Goodreads.  I know that some people who have reviewed my books have done that for me and I deeply appreciated it.  It’s time I stopped being lazy and did my part.