Mary Ann's Booth

Mary Ann’s Booth
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This weekend, we drove up to Dallas for the CityArts show in Fair Park. Mary Ann brought enough photos to line the walls and fill the flip bins. We sit in the blue chairs and smile.

Come by and buy her stuff to make her smile some more.

Now, on a totally unrelated subject, here is my workflow for making a blog entry when just using my iPhone and iPad:

The iPad doesn’t have a camera, but I like adding a photo to my blog entries. So I take a photo with the phone and upload it to Flickr using the Flickr App. In this particular case, I created a panorama using the AutoStitch App first and uploaded it from the camera roll.

That done, I pick up the iPad and visit the Flickr website and click the “blog this” icon once I’ve selected the photo. This takes me to the screen where I can enter a simple text blog entry. No italics, no links. When I’m done I can ‘Post Entry’ and I have my blog article.

The next, optional, step is to visit my blog and edit it, adding links, tags, additional formatting, etc.

Hmm. I think I’ll go do that now.