Travel Days in 2009

It’s that time again to tally up all the travel days from my calendar and add it to the spreadsheet. Sad to say, 2009 had the fewest travel days since I left the regular workday world. This was, of course, an effect of the economy. Still, 71 days on the road is more than some people get, so I should be happy. The bulk of it was the Canada trip, when we crossed from Saskatchewan to Newfoundland and it was a memorable trip indeed. Even more so as it was unplanned. I got the word that Lighter Than Air had won a Golden Duck award, to be presented at the Worldcon in Montréal. Would I be there? Well, I hadn’t planned it, but now it wasn’t an event to be missed.

Starting off to attend a wedding in Amarillo, we went north visiting Chamberlain, South Dakota where Falling Bakward was set so I could donate a couple of books to libraries there, and then north into Canada. After that, it was a race to see how much we could see before we had to be at the convention.
Once the event was over, we kept heading east, visiting Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edwards Island before crossing over into Maine and then back to Texas. Mary Ann is doing a set of photo blogs on the trip and you should go visit there.
The only other trips of any length were to science fiction conventions, Conestoga in Tulsa and Archon in St. Louis.
I hope to add more conventions this year. Be sure to invite me. I don’t need much of an excuse.