Up on the Mountain

We went up on Boureas Pass road today so Mary Ann could track down some birds that she wanted to photograph. We saw considerably more.

The first time up the road was mid-afternoon and the birds were … elsewhere, so we went back towards town to return some phone calls. We parked at the gateway to the pass–it’s closed during the winter–and as soon as Mary Ann started her call, a large black bear crossed the road, heading up hill. It was gone too fast to grab a camera, but while she talked, I walked over to see if I could find any good bear tracks. There were none to speak of, although I could see where he’d come through.
Shortly after that, I saw a fox and after her phone calls, we drove around looking for the bear and we saw a fox, resting on someone’s deck.
Now, Mary Ann is the photographer, but once in a blue moon, when the animal is on my side of the car, and getting out would scare it away, I get to aim and click. I just hope that the camera’s settings are okay, because her cameras have so many buttons, knobs, dials and twinkers, that I’ve never taken the time to learn which is which.
And then, when we went back up to the pass, the original target of the expedition, the birds, were there and she got her shots. Nice pictures, but personally, I like the fox.