My Home Office

Yesterday, or the day before, I snapped these photos from the seat at the table where I work. This is in my RV and when we’re not on the road, this is my office. I apologize for the photo quality, but they’re here just to give you the idea. We’ve been lucky to live on this property, with the pond on the other side of the trees and a lovely expanse of green.

I have a office inside the house, and it’s a bit cluttered right now. But for sheer isolation, I love being here in the RV. It’s probably the isolation, rather than the beauty, that makes this my favorite spot to work. No phone calls. No television shows in the next room. No people walking by. While the RV was in the shop for a couple of weeks, I spend a lot of time staring at a space poster on the wall and listening to my music with high-isolation headphones. And even then, it’s not the best, because when people talk at you and you don’t respond, it can seem rude.

I value the ability to listen to my own thoughts. I hate distractions. That’s the reason I regularly cull political speech out of the list of blogs I monitor. It’s not that people’s opinions aren’t valuable, but that it channels my thoughts away from where they should be into silent arguments over things I can’t influence.

So, I miss out on wonderful wit and insights I don’t share. But when it comes down to it, the clock is ticking. When my last scene is written, I would rather have produced more stories, and made fewer political points.