It’s Gonna be a Busy Week

I wonder if all this activity — new website design, my first on-line novel, and the associated webstore — is part of my coping mechanism for events in real life. Debra, my daughter, is getting married on Thursday. As father of the bride, I have the easiest job of any of them, but it’s still a bit much for a self-confessed hermit. Today, we had lunch with Jonathan’s grandparents, and I’ve learned a ton about his family. All I have to do is sit back quietly and let all the social people chat away. I have the feeling Mary Ann is soaked to the gills in sentiment. She’s smiling constantly. Debra and Jonathan are always nose to nose, looking at each other. And everyone is running low on sleep.

I don’t know what I’d be doing if I didn’t have this marketing puzzle to occupy my brain.