Blue as Far as the Eye can See

After days in the desert, it is very refreshing to be here and Malibu Beach RV. We’re camped up on a hill overlooking the ocean. I’m pretty much stuck here for the most part. We dropped the Jeep off at the dealer in Thousand Oaks to get the damage repaired, but it won’t be fixed for another couple of days. Debra comes by every day to take us to eat and she is enjoying taking Mary Ann off to their exercise place.

But I get to watch the ships and boats and kayaks making their way across the water. Down the hill, across a mountain trail, is Malibu Seafood, which is a great place for outdoor picnic table style fish. I even got the laundry done yesterday.

Upcoming: The three of us are going to take a little car trip up the coast. Since I’m a hermit, and I suspect my daughter is too, this ought to be interesting.