Preparing to Hit the Road Again

Archon in the St. Louis area is a science fiction con that I regularly attend, and it is only a few days away. This will be the first port of call on a six week trip that will cover a number of states and hopefully swing by Phoenix for the World Fantasy Convention. Today I’ve got to clean up the RV and start packing.

Getting started on one of these trips is horrible, but once I’m on the road, it can be a very soul-pleasing time. Cruising the highways, whether in the comfort of the RV or in my Jeep, I can enjoy the contryside at the same time as I am plotting events in the far future, in alternate dimensions, or in a stretch-reality version to here and now. Most of the last half-dozen novels I have written have been inspired in theme and location by what I have seen outside the windshield.

But first I have to get gone.

Update the Blog. [check]
Finish short story [todo]
Clean RV [todo]
Pack clothes [todo]
Configure home computer for unattended operation [todo]
Send2market: two short stories and two novels [todo]
File correspondence littering my desk [todo]
Get much-delayed income tax in the mail [todo]
Scream a lot [todo]