Friday at Worldcon

I like the discussion panels at SF cons. Generally, I find a nice seat in the back of the room (so I can sneak out if the panel turns into a boring monologue), and listen to the collective wisdom of the ages.

Building the Buzz: There were examples, both from a publisher’s perspective and a writer’s perspective. The wisdom? Blog regularly. So I am.

DAW Presentation: All the major publishers give a 1.5 to 2 hour presentation about their upcoming books. These are heavily attended because the publishers give away free books. I came because I wanted to see and listen to the editors. That’s what this con is all about for me. Stalking editors. It’s a shame I’m so timid I have a hard time actually saying hello to them.

I skipped out early and went to —
The Future of Short Fiction (in the Magazines): This is another case of stalkling editors, only this time magazine editors. I’m actually on a wave and smile basis with many of them. I was most interested in listening to Shelia Williams, who has recently been promoted to the top position at Asimov’s. I had talked to her many times at other cons, but I hadn’t been able to get a sense of her likes and dislikes.

A Worldcon Orientation for SF Professionals: This was probably a waste of time for me. I already knew that writers were lower in the pecking order than con organizers, unless you were one of the stars. It also illustrated that large egos were alive and well in the fannish world.

All About Agents: I don’t have one. I need one. Of course I attended this one. I even recorded it into my iPod. After the con I intend to go back over it and take better notes.

As the afternoon progressed, the good panels thinned out and I had time to eat and to visit the Dealer’s Room. For those who are unfamiliar with cons, the Dealer’s Room at this con is a large convention floor with aisles of tables, where everything from comic books to artwork to prop zap guns can be purchased. Most of the tables had books, as it should be. As usual, I didn’t buy anything. Even at the best cons, I have a hard time shelling out the cash.