Worldcon Chicago Friday

To Chicago for the WorldCon 2000 and back again, with side trips of course

Austin to the roadside overlook on State Highway 207 above the canyon containing the Prairie Dog Fork of the Red River. 450 Miles.

I left from work, since I had packed the Jeep the night before. The main purpose of this trip was to attend WorldCon, the annual World science fiction convention. This year it was to be held in Chicago, and ran from Wednesday through the next Monday. Of course, I could have flown up there, but what’s the fun in that? I like long road trips. So I just extended the time off to a full two weeks, which gave me, roughly, five days to get up there, five days at the con, and five days to get back.

The trip to Amarillo is well practiced, but I didn’t quite have time to make it the whole way, given the time I left. When I ran out of alertness, it was midnight and the roadside park was welcome. It appeared deserted, so I just pulled up to a picnic table and leaned the seat back and dozed off.