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Finalist Awards with the Next Gen Indie Book Awards

Humanicide has been named Finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in Science Fiction for 2016.   Free U’tanse has been named Finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Young Adult section for 2016. Expect the covers to be adorned

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New Midwest Book Review for Humanicide

Midwest Book Reviews has just posted a featured review of Humanicide.  I thought I’d copy it here for reference: Humanicide Henry Melton Wire Rim Books www.wirerimbooks.com 9781935236634, $14.99, PB, 276pp, www.amazon.com Synopsis: Mars was terraformed, and the biotech engineers could

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Interview With the Artist — Djamila Knopf

As I sit at my table, talking to people looking at my books, people often ask about the artists.  “Who did that cover?”  In this and a few other interviews, I’m hoping to answer that question. Since I have different

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What’s Up Next

Today, I’m working on two very different books.  I can’t show you the covers yet, but I will soon. The next novel up is Free U’tanse and follows the events of Tales of the U’tanse which came out December 2012.  The

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My Favorite Book: Henry’s Stories Anthologies

This is really two books, Volumes 1 and 2, but I’d be saying the same thing twice, so I won’t waste your time.  Over the past decades, I’ve written many shorter pieces of fiction. Several have appeared in magazines and

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My Favorite Book: Captain’s Memories

This part of the saga is something like an anthology of shorter works.  I’ve heard this structure called a ‘fix-up’ novel, where short fiction is blended into a novel-length story. I’ve been calling it ‘comb anthology’ where short stories are

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My Favorite Book: In the Time of Green Blimps

Back in Star Time, I planted a few seeds that meant little or nothing to that story, but provided the framework for this one. In one, the Australian scientist that was interested in genetic engineering, after a hundred years, has

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My Favorite Book: Tales of the U’tanse

It was plain from the very beginning in Star Time that this saga I was writing had two branches, and it wouldn’t work to combine them in one novel.  No matter that this was hardly the traditional way to write

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My Favorite Book: Kingdom of the Hill Country

As I was writing Star Time, I introduced a couple of young kids, with just a hint as to their future. (Hint was given by a prophet, so it was pretty reliable.) Kingdom of the Hill Country was my first

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My Favorite Book: Star Time

As a college student, I wrote a novel in long-hand, in three-ring binders.  There was a genius inventor who fought an aerial battle with aliens using his high-tech car to rescue the girl.  This was even before I could type,

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