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New Flier for The Project Saga

I’m adding a new flier to help explain the Project Saga at a glance. The full-sized PDF is available under the Downloads tab.

Fuzzy Editing

The final edits for the new book Captain’s Memories is taking much longer than normal, and it all comes down to my fuzzy eyesight.  During the past year, I have been dealing with a growing cataract in my right eye.

Looking for New Events

Attending cons like Armadillocon gives me opportunity to meet people — both readers and other vendors.  This last time I met people who pointed me to more events that I hadn’t heard of before, so I’ve just been browsing the

Captain’s Memories promo sheet in Downloads

I’ve added a Promo sheet for the upcoming book Captain’s Memories under the Downloads menu tab.  The book is available for pre-order from my marketplace.

Small Towns, Big Ideas under About

I’ve migrated the Small Towns Big Ideas page over from the old website to this one.  It’s now located under the About Menu.  I’ll be adding other information pages under that pulldown tab from time to time.

Henry and Mary Ann in the news

Georgetown View Magazine in their July 2014 issue just out featured a two-page article about my wife Mary Ann Melton and me (pages 56-57).  The Art in Romance is also on their on-line version in case you’d like to take a look.  The subject

Enter My Email List

If you look up at the headline tabs on my page, there’s one called Email List.  If you are not already receiving my monthly newsletters, I recommend you enter your email address there.  At most of the events I attend, Site is Merged Here

Just back from SciFest in San Antonio.  One of the people who looked at my website reported a password was required.  Since I’d never set it up that way, I checked on it as soon as I could.  Bad

I’ve Added a Downloads Page

Just starting out, I’ve added the most common advertising files as PDF’s.  A catalog, sell sheets for the books, and a one-page bio.  I’ll be adding more here as I have time.  See the Downloads tab at the top of

Embedding External Pages

After fumbling around, I discovered how to embed iframes, which gives me the opportunity to carry my page header and menu over to some of the external resources. I hope to get everything under the same look and navigation umbrella,