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Nice review for Power of the U’tanse

Small Press Bookwatch: April 2018 James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief Midwest Book Review 278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575 The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf Power of the U’Tanse Henry Melton Wire Rim Books 9781935236696, $14.99, PB, 266pp, Synopsis: The only

That Sounds Familiar

I was reading a New Yorker article (Link ) about a new type of cryptocurrency that a company was using to fund its operations.  As I was reading, it sounded very familiar.  In my 2007 novel Emperor Dad, my rogue

The Download Page has been updated

The Download page, available from the menubar, contains a variety of reference sheets, such as the catalog, a maturity guide for young readers, and other things that might help a reader know what to look for.  Occasionally, I’ll update the

New Interview — Henry Melton by Jamie Marchant

Jamie Marchant, Fantasy Author of many stories of ghosts and demons and such has been kind enough to post an interview of me on her site. There’s quite a bit about Humanicide there as well. Go take a look and

The Project Saga Universe Timeline

I have, over the years, outlined the whole story that takes place in the Project Saga Universe.  Today, I thought it was about time I made up a chart, showing where everything went.  Full-res PDF version At this point in time,

Beta-Reader Books

Every new novel, after a few rounds of editing, gets packaged into an 8.5 x11 bound format and mailed off to select readers who then have the joyous task of scribbling all over it and telling me where I messed

Emperor Dad is out as an Audiobook

My first foray into audiobooks is now out!  Emperor Dad is on iTunes and Audible.  Here’s the iTunes link. I’m in the process of trying to get more titles produced as well, so if you have any recommendations as to

New Interview hosted by aurorawatcherak

There’s a nice interview posted now on the AuroraWatcherAK site.  (I wish I could take some time out to go watch some auroras again.)

Changes to Comments

Since starting a WordPress site is apparently an open invitation for spammers to post comments, I’ve had to tighten up the comments.  If you want to contact me, use the About/Contact Me menu to send a message.  I’m also open

Captain’s Memories is Released

Captain’s Memories is now released. That means that the paper version can be ordered either from me using the Menu item above, from Amazon and likely most of the other on-line bookstores as well. Brick and Mortar bookstores will be