Breaking Anchor

“M99 0″ — A coded message appeared on Tommy Dorie’s cell, not that unusual from his secrecy minded scientist father Nick. Whether it was a scavenger hunt, a “pop quiz” or just a test to see if he were following

Kingdom of the Hill Country

For eleven years, the Earth has been recovering from the supernova flare, but in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, a new threat has arisen, a bandit horde brutal enough to send Helen Black, the independent minded horse doctor

Henry’s Stories: Volume 1

A girl plays a video game and gets more than she bargained for. A talking wristwatch leads a man on a search for forgetfulness. Henry Melton’s short fiction has been gracing magazines and anthologies since the 70’s. Beginning in 2011,

The Copper Room

Jerry had the greatest study aid ever — a copper room where time could be adjusted faster or slower, which he had helped his inventor uncle build. But being able to cram a fifteen hour study marathon into five minutes

Star Time

It all starts here… The plan always worked for the bloodthirsty Cerik, whose battle-bred claws and muscles made them the uncontested top predator on scores of planets the radiation pulse from the supernova would turn civilization on the blue-white globe

Bearing Northeast

Rule 1: We’ll always be Brother and Sister… A mysterious metal cylinder falling out of the sky was the perfect excuse to take a vacation when sixteen year old Seth Parmer and Biz, his older sister and sometimes ‘parent’ found

Follow That Mouse

Dot Comal loved her home town, although the Utah ranching community of Ranch Exit was too small to call a ‘town’. She had her horse, Pokey, and her father to care for, and Ned from the next ranch over was

Pixie Dust

Jenny Quinn’s life was on course for her advanced physics degree until a lab experiment in vacuum decay turned her life upside down. With career hopes destroyed and her professor dead in an unexplained fall, she is forced to cope

Golden Girl

Henry Melton (2008 Darrell Award for Best Midsouth Novel, Emperor Dad and 2009 Eleanor Cameron Golden Duck Award for Lighter Than Air) is often on the road with his wife Mary Ann, a nature photographer. Debra Barr was barely awake

Falling BAKward

Henry Melton, author of the award winning Emperor Dad brings a tale of the wonders that just might be waiting under your feet. Jerry Ingram never wanted to be an interstellar explorer, just a bit more special than a sixth-generation