Power of the U’tanse

Power of the U’tanse The only other race that had rebelled against the Cerik, the Delense, had been totally exterminated, but they had left a legacy—their technology and a hydroelectric plant that had allowed the Free U’tanse to live and

Secrets of the U’tanse

Joshua was born a Free U’tanse, one of the few humans not under the claws of the Cerik who ruled the poisonous planet Ko. But after the secret rescue of the abandoned people of Rikna, it became his job to


Mars was terraformed, and the biotech engineers could walk on Luna without breathing gear. Earth had three moons and hundreds of orbiting habitats in the Clusters. The great Terraforming Project was hitting its stride, but there were conflicts over which

Chipper Flies High

Chipper was the weakest of the baby birds born in the swampland around the Cape Canaveral Launch Complex, and couldn’t fly as well as his brother or sister, but one day he flew over to the giant Man Bird and

Free U’tanse

On the poisonous world of Ko, the U’tanse—a breed of psychically gifted humans—struggle to find their destiny under the brutal control of their Cerik overlords. Life or death was at the whim of their masters’ claws. Joshua was the first

Captain’s Memories

Captain Pearce never intended to be a teacher, but the only way she could escape her early retirement on Earth and get back out into the vacuum was to share the human side of the great Terraforming Project to young

Beneath the Amarillo Plains

Jeff Kale thought his home town of Amarillo Texas was as ordinary and unspectacular as the table-top flatness of its terrain, but his life changed forever when his buddy’s car was smashed into the overpass—leaving him with permanent brain damage

In the Time of Green Blimps

Book Four of the Project Saga Samuel Bolls’ plan was simple—go to California and parlay his camera and editing skills and the connection with his famous uncle into an entertainment industry career—but fate had other ideas. Rachael Nue, aspiring actress,

Henry’s Stories: Volume 2

From the dusty tracks of the Moon to the volcanoes beneath the sea, with a few side trips to alien planets and alternate reality, these short fiction stories from Henry Melton’s collection will give your imagination a good stretch. Here

Tales of the U’tanse

The Cerik raid on supernova-damaged Earth was a failure, but with a pair of humans in his claws, the leader hoped to breed a new race of slaves to replace the Builders, their technologists, that they had wiped out in