Year: 2014

How to Get the Latest Info

I’m gearing up for a number of promotions, contests, etc. and I want to make sure you don’t miss them.  Now I know that there are a variety of ways that people follow events on the internet and I know

Emperor Dad is out as an Audiobook

My first foray into audiobooks is now out!  Emperor Dad is on iTunes and Audible.  Here’s the iTunes link. I’m in the process of trying to get more titles produced as well, so if you have any recommendations as to

New Interview hosted by aurorawatcherak

There’s a nice interview posted now on the AuroraWatcherAK site.  (I wish I could take some time out to go watch some auroras again.)

Bookstore Signings

During the past year, I’ve concentrated on attending conventions, mostly science fiction literary conventions and comic con/media conventions as a vendor.  I set up my table and talk to the people who walk by, browsing for everything from jewelry, to

The World of Ko

The next book is currently a new novel of the fragment of the human race, the U’tanse, who have been taken off world and made into slaves for the Cerik.  Their home world is Ko, a planet with a large

Changes to Comments

Since starting a WordPress site is apparently an open invitation for spammers to post comments, I’ve had to tighten up the comments.  If you want to contact me, use the About/Contact Me menu to send a message.  I’m also open

Apple Watch vs My Story Forget It

Back in 1977, I got a phone call from a man starting up a computer magazine, ROM. He knew I wrote science fiction and he had an issue coming up with a focus on memory. He requested a story and

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Captain’s Memories is Released

Captain’s Memories is now released. That means that the paper version can be ordered either from me using the Menu item above, from Amazon and likely most of the other on-line bookstores as well. Brick and Mortar bookstores will be

New Flier for The Project Saga

I’m adding a new flier to help explain the Project Saga at a glance. The full-sized PDF is available under the Downloads tab.

Fuzzy Editing

The final edits for the new book Captain’s Memories is taking much longer than normal, and it all comes down to my fuzzy eyesight.  During the past year, I have been dealing with a growing cataract in my right eye.