How to Get the Latest Info

I’m gearing up for a number of promotions, contests, etc. and I want to make sure you don’t miss them.  Now I know that there are a variety of ways that people follow events on the internet and I know I can’t post to them all, so here are some recommendations.

On the menu bar above is something called “Email List”  click it to fill in your email address to get my once a month (mostly) newsletter that will cover the major announcements.  You’ll get a confirmation email link to click and be added to the list.

Halfway down the page are a couple of items “RSS – Posts”  and “RSS- Comments”.  If you use a newsreader application like I do, then click at least the RSS – Posts and add it to your subscription list.

The other major way I send out notices is via Facebook.  So if that’s your preference, go to “HenryMeltonFan” on Facebook and Like the page.

There are others venues, like Twitter and Linked-In, but I’m less faithful in posting there.  Look for “@HenryMelton” as the identifier.