Year: 2014

My Favorite Book: Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust was actually written earlier than my young adult novels that I began to market under the Small Towns, Big Ideas umbrella, but it shares some of the same ideas. When I re-read the book after letting it sit

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My Favorite Book: Follow That Mouse

I love to travel, and long lonely roads are sometimes the best times to think about stories and to plug ideas together.  One long drive on I-70 through the empty miles of Utah, the only distractions were the very infrequent

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My Favorite Book: Golden Girl

We were traveling with our RV along the Mississippi River one trip, and camped at the water’s edge at the Delabar State Park.  When we went into the little town of Oquawka, Illinois for supplies, I was enchanted by the

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My Favorite Book: Falling Bakward

The pieces of this novel came from a couple of influences.  In my back yard, there is a place in the yard where there is a clear mark of a former small building, long gone, but having left its outline

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My Favorite Book: Lighter Than Air

On one of my California trips, I visited the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where they had a sample of aerogel on display.  This substance is like Jello with all the moisture pulled out of it, leaving a stiff solid that is

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My Favorite Book: Extreme Makeover

During the years when my daughter was attending Pepperdine University in Malibu, it was the perfect excuse to make numerous California trips.  We’d visit her for a while, then extend the trip to places all over the western states.  One

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My Favorite Book: Roswell or Bust

Fresh from the euphoria of writing a novel, Emperor Dad, just for fun, I decided to do it again.  So I had to pull an idea out of my hat — any idea. Aliens!  That’s always a good science fiction

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My Favorite Book: Emperor Dad

It was shortly after I took a severance buyout package from Motorola that I had a little more time to write than before.  I had written other novels, but the number of New York publishers that would even look at

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My Favorite Book

As a writer sitting at my table, showing off all the books I’ve written, I frequently get asked, “What’s your favorite book?”  That’s a very hard question to answer, because I have very strong feelings about all my books.  I

Black Friday – Cyber Monday

Yielding to the culture of the season, I’ve decided to have a little Black Friday sale of my own, right here on my website. Friday through through Monday, the discount code 201425 will work to give you a 25% discount